PPCsafe provides a Click Fraud Tool! Our Services in a Nutshell:
  • Our Click Fraud Tool protects Google Adwords and Bing campaigns from expensive fraudulent clicks
  • Industry-leading advanced detection and mitigation algorithms (*)
  • Frequent monitoring of the availability of your web site landing pages
  • Excellent support and communication with you or your designated points of contact
  • PPCsafe Click Fraud Tool blocks fraudulent IP addresses automatically
  • Reports your data in detail to help you recover the cost of fraudulent clicks
  • Detects when your sites are down so you can pause your AdWords and/or Bing campaigns
  • Optionally integrate incoming sales call data into your click reports so you can correlate clicks from each ad with call frequency.
(*) Every company keeps its methods proprietary, but we have clients who used other companies (our competitors) and came to the conclusion that our performance is better.

Fraud Detection

Your clicks are analyzed by our click fraud tool for fraudent patterns based on a variety of proprietary features. We think our algorithms, developed by our MIT-trained PhD scientist, are the best available. They work well but you can customize them to match your unique business needs. Unlike our competition, we buy the beset geolocation data to get the most detail about each click. This allows us, for example, to block IP addresses from big data centers ("hosting"), from cell phones, or from any IP that is not a cell phone. You can tailor your protection to your needs.

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Fraud Prevention

Our click fraud tool automatically blocks offending IP addresses in your AdWords campaigns. We also use all tools that BingAds makes available for blocking offending clicks.

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Fraud Recovery

Our reports show each offending click, ready to submit for refunds. Current reports list Clicks after an IP was blocked, Clicks outside your specified geographic zone, and Clicks with a pattern suggesting fraud. These reports are highly configurable, and are available on-screen and in PDF format. PDF format is useful for printing and for emailing, and only one of our competitors provides reports in PDF format. You can also download all of your data in CSV format so you can import them into your preferred spreadsheet or database.

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 Site Availability 

We also monitor the availability of your landing pages many times an hour and notify you by text and/or email if your sites are down so that you can pause your PPC campaigns. only one of our competitors monitors your web site availability. For extra security, we can encrypt your email with your public PKI key.

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Extra Features

Free U.S.-based technical support during setup period. We speak English, and can get along in Spanish, French, and Russian.

See organic traffic and search engine indexing in your reports. How well is your SEO working? When were your last tweaks picked up by your favorite search engine? only one of our competitors provides similar data.

Optional integration into your reports of your incoming sales calls.

Free technical support during setup period.

You know how to run your business but perhaps are not comfortable with changing web sites or AdWords.

No problem! We can usually get your web site and/or AdWords campaigns set up within 20-30 minutes with you on the telephone to provide guidance on exactly how you want things set up. After that, usually no further changes are needed, and you get the confidence and satisfaction of having more control over what your AdWords or Bing "spend" is buying you.

More information about your web traffic. See organic traffic and search engine indexing.

See your organic traffic together with your paid traffic, and see exactly when the search engine indexing bots retrieved your landing page(s). How well is your SEO optimization working to give you organic clicks? See where they come from (geolocation), what kind of user (residential, business, cellular, etc), and what time of day. And, see how long it takes for your latest page content to be retrieved by search engines!

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Incoming sales calls. See how effective your ads are in near-real time.

This optional feature links your digital voice service like dialogtech.com or phone.com to our service. After each call is completed (or during the call if you wish), the calling number, duration, and optionally action taken are transmitted to us. We then display these data with geolocation based on the calling number in your reports so you can correlate clicks from each ad with call frequency. Note: does not work with Google Call-Only ads at this time.

Why choose our services?

Click here to receive our detailed feature matrix comparing our services with those of each of our competitors.

In summary, using our Click Fraud Tool, we offer a more complete set of features than do any of our competitors:

  • Automatic blocking of offending IP addresses using Google's API (application programming interface).
  • Two ways to link your AdWords campaign to our service: directly from Google (which is easy to set up), and via a code snippet on your web site (which provides more information long-term).
  • The most complete set of information available about each click on your ads.
  • The lowest monthly rate. The competition ranges from $29.97 to $50/month.
  • Download reports in PDF format, ready for printing and emailing.
  • And more! Click here to receive the complete feature matrix comparing our services with those of each of our competitors.